Hi EVula and be welcome here on the Czech Wikisource. In case you have some questions so you can use my talk page or the Scriptorium which is called Wikisource:U pramene here (something like "at the source"...). See also Wikisource:Boti please. Good luck here, -jkb- 14. 8. 2008, 08:27 (UTC)

Thanks for the welcome. The bot policy is interesting, but not needed; I don't run bots, I do everything by hand. Insane, yes, but that's just how I roll. ;) EVula // diskuse // 14. 8. 2008, 13:22 (UTC)

OK, so do your best here, you are welcome. -jkb- 14. 8. 2008, 13:31 (UTC)