Wikizdroje:User account

Hereby we present you an English summary from some more pages on all topics concerning your user account. We hope they will be useful for you when creating your account here. Please make use of them.

User name editovat

Your user name, i.e. the name of your account, should respect the general guidelines (no harassing names, no nonsense letter or number combinations, ethical or law injuries etc.). Additionally, though we respect fully other languages and cultural specialities, your user page should be made understandable to all users here and enable a good communication. Thus, we would respect if you want to have a name in your own language and maybe in your own non-Latin alphabet. But in this case we would appreciate if you would integrate in it also a transcription in Latin (e.g. Пётр (Petr)), so that it will be readable for others; under your alternate Latin name we shall also make a redirect to your page.

User page editovat

Please do not forget that the user page is NOT your page. First, it is a page of this domain respectively of the Wikimedia Foundation, and the page also must fulfill all Wikisource license guidelines (user pages are licensed by GFDL). Your user page should simply say who you are, it should not be great personality show down and media presentation.

Therefore, we do not like pages with a lot of labels and other templates. If you are like to say something about you, so write it in words.

Naturally, nobody might edit your user page or change it etc. But there is one exception: if something on your user page injures the principles here, so everybody can edit it and make a revert – which should be explained anyway.

Signature editovat

Please do not use templates or images in your signature. Keep your signature simple. It should tell anybody just who wrote this or that, nothing else. If you really want to have the signature in other alphabet like Latin so please integrate also a Latin transcription in it. Please note that your signature should correspond with the name of your user account.

Renaming, usurpation editovat

Both renaming of an account as well as so called usurpation will be made here according to the rules on English Wikipedia, English Wikisource or Meta. In cases where the renaming or usurpation is difficult or not clear please ask the local bureaucrat for further possibilities.

Accounts with user names that do not respect our general guidelines will be renamed by decision of the community or of the local bureaucrat just like on other projects like the German or English Wikipedia. When getting in conflict with the single unified login we shall search for another solution.

Else… editovat

…if you have questions or doubts, just ask on the page Wikizdroje:U pramene.

References editovat

Czech pages with these guidelines are here: